In-Person Worship Has Resumed at 11 am Sundays

So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead.  (James 2:18 GNT)


We will also continue all other ministries online,
including worship by phone or computer.  

Expectations of All Participants

      1. Social distance (6 feet apart) at all times, indoors and out
      2. Wear a mask throughout the service
      3. Remain seated for quiet singing and responses

Safety Provisions

      1. Every other pew taped off and floor markings
      2. Plenty of masks, sanitizers, gloves, and other supplies
      3. Disinfected furnishings and touch points

Conference Guidelines

Worship & Church School Schedule

      • Saturday at 5 pm – Worship by Phone or Computer
      • Sunday at 11 am – In-Person Worship in Sanctuary or by Phone or Computer
      • Wednesday at 6:30 pm – Bible Study by Phone or Computer

“First, do no harm.” From the earliest days we who share the Wesleyan heritage have observed this General Rule #1 with the healing community at large.

Because those many who gather to worship in our sanctuaries are among the vulnerable, my guidance will always be to err on the side of caution. I do not want one person to become ill because of our practices in worship. Faith communities should continue to conduct as many activities as possible remotely and should follow guidance offered by the Center for Disease Control.
Preliminary Guidelines to Prepare for In-Person Worship
by Bishop Bill McAlilly

Briensburg United Methodist Church
Safe Sanctuary Reopening Plan 

  1. Timeline
    • All in-person programs are suspended until June 21
    • We are following the guidance from Bishop McAlilly on the timeline and requirements for resuming in-person worship services
    • Worship by phone and computer will continue as a separate program
  2. Mitch Clark is leading the Safe Reopening Team in planning for:
    1. Distancing
    2. Masks
    3. Gloves
    4. Hand Sanitizer
    5. Disinfectant
    6. Wiping down and spray sanctuary, vestibule, and restrooms between services
  3. Tables outside and entry
    1. Bulletins
    2. Pre-filled Communion cups with juice and wafer
    3. Masks
    4. Gloves
    5. Offering plate
    6. Single wrapped alcohol disinfecting wipes
  4. Service revisions
    1. All persons wear masks at all times
    2. Remain seated for quiet singing and responses
    3. Taped off pews and floor markings
    4. Safe distanced seating in pews
    5. Musicians safe distanced from each other
    6. Passing of the Peace by “waves & smiles” instead of “hugs & handshakes”
    7. Offering plate on entry table instead of passing in pews
    8. Dismiss a pew at a time starting at the back
    9. Removal of hymnals, Bibles, and cards from pew racks
    10. Communion reception in the pews using prefilled elements
  5. Request everyone to:
    1. Wear masks and gloves
    2. Stay 6 ft. apart in all directions
    3. Wipe and/or spray bathroom fixtures, door knobs, etc. before and after use