RMN Press Release


Excerpt from press release:

Briensburg United Methodist Church in Benton, KY, became the 1,000th Reconciling Church on Friday, March 29, 2019. “Briensburg UMC hopes to amplify the message that even smaller rural churches like ours do not stand alone in our resolute affirmation that God loves everyone,” says Rev. Bill Lawson, who serves as Briensburg UMC’s pastor. “To the UMC, we point out that God continues to demonstrate the reconciling work of Jesus on the cross by manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the ministries and relationships of LGBTQ Christians. To all LGBTQ Christians, we absolutely welcome and need your full participation and leadership in our congregations.”

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Be Loved, Not Judged

Our Lenten theme this year focuses on the joyful aspects of self-examination, breaking a bit from the medieval traditions of self-flagellation and from the popular tradition of confessing other people’s sins instead of our own.

Our worship services and proclamations of the Gospel will emphasize the theme “Be Loved, Not Judged.”  We can’t help what others want to do if they are determined to do it the other way around, but we can choose to intentionally place ourselves where we can love and be loved as Christ has loved us.  We can choose intentionally to refrain from accepting the judgment of others and resist the temptation to judge them in return.

“Rend your heart, and not your garments.”  Joel 2:13

Unanimous Vote: Join Reconciling Ministries Network

“We join the Reconciling Ministries Network as a Reconciling Congregation.  We welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to participate fully in the worship, life, ministry, membership, and leadership of Briensburg United Methodist Church.”  Unanimous Single Governance Board vote on March 3, 2019.

We are asking everyone connected with the ministries of Briensburg UMC including online, study groups, Scouting, active and inactive membership, and any other programs to please join the RMN as a “Reconciling United Methodist” and notify us by text, phone call, or email to worship@briensburg.org when you have done so.  Cards are also available in the church vestibule.