Briensburg United Methodist Church


The Mission Statement of Briensburg UMC is “Helping each other serve to our full potential.”  Our Missional Vision was reaffirmed at our December 9, 2015 Church Council meeting.  We invite you to explore the links and find your place in the vision, regardless of your religious affiliation, age or any other circumstances.

Discipleship —- House fellowships, small groups for worship, Bible study, fellowship and spiritual formation meet in homes and other community locations.

Worship —- Worship services are offered to provide contemporary forms, styles and opportunities, with special emphasis on a weekly Service of Word and Table.

Recovery Ministry — We are developing “God Step” as a recovery ministry modeled after the “The Way” at St. John’s Midtown United Methodist Church in Memphis.

Community Service Advocacy Modeled after Glide Memorial, the advocates of community services organize support groups using structures and programs best enabling us to partner with other organizations in the community with shared purposes.

Children and Youth Ministries Modeled after current Kids in Discipleship, UM Scouting Ministries, iKids, Calvert City After School, and Marshall Co. Youth Group programs, these ministries provide a rich variety of Christian Education, worship and recreational opportunities.

Adult Ministries Modeled after the Young Adult and Older Adult ministries of many other churches and organizations in the community, these programs provide opportunities for Christian Education, worship, fellowship and service.

 Health Ministries Modeled after the Parish Nursing Program of Lourdes and Western Baptist Hospitals, St. Francis de Sales Parish Nursing, and Grace UM Celebrate Recovery, and directed by Registered Nurses, the health ministry program assists with interpretation, referrals, and resources for spiritual and temporal health issues.

Crisis Ministries Modeled after the Marshall Co. UM Cooperative Ministries, Glide Memorial, Graves Co. Ministerial Assoc., and the Coordinated Assistance Network, assistance and referral is provided for those facing spiritual and temporal crisis.

Model Ministries — A variety of ministries provided by other churches and organizations served as models for our Briensburg UMC vision.