Worship & Praise

Join us this Sunday at 11 am for Worship & Praise!

Each Sunday worship celebration is a blend of contemporary and traditional spirituality and includes praise band and testimonies, prayers, creed, Bible readings, sermon, hymns and invitation to Christian discipleship. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday each month and on other holy days. Our worship experiences are very personal, incorporating everyone present into the warm feeling of loving and accepting each other as the family of God.

The Ministry of All Christians

Congregational Dialogue Sermon from Laity Sunday on October 20, 2019. Reading by Mitch Clark. Prayer by Steve Walker. Ways we embody the light of Christ in our congregation led by Karen Heise. Ways our congregation works for justice led by Steve Milam. Ways our congregation encourages people to use the means of grace, especially regular prayer, study, worship, and service led by Ginalee Wyatt. Holy conversation among the congregation.

The Ministry of All Christians from Briensburg on Vimeo.

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